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My final blog entry for the Spring semester is final here, and I need to evaluate my blog entries. I will first start with the “Content”. I felt that my blog entries drew more from the real life situations and were full of content and observations from dealing with technology in the classroom. My thoughts related back to the topic of the week. I’m sure that I bent the topic to more fit my own personal experience. Overall, I thought I did do a good job of backing my opinions up with examples, and research. I know that I missed one of the weeks post, because I couldn’t really type with one left hand, and heavy painkillers. I would say that I deserve a 69/75 for that reason.

I always to my knowledge properly sighted in an APA style. I was guilty of not have two sights source on two posts. I picked relevant research papers, and if they were not available I searched out articles that backed my opinion. For these reasons I would only give my self-21/25.

I posted on time for the most part. I might have posted late twice (the morning of Wednesday). I always responded to other people’s post by Thursday. I followed up on posts that were made on my posts, and I tried to post on other people’s post that had not gotten any feedback yet. For these reasons, I deserve a 24/25.

I wrote lengthy response to numerous posts, and when possible tried to maintain a discussion. Sadly, I rarely could keep a discussion going on a post. I did however make an effort to post on people’s post that had no feedback. I tried to make early posts in the week and asked questions I thought would lead to more conversation. I believe I deserve a 25/25.


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I have learned a great deal from this class. I think have about a hundred website links for educational and web 2.0 sites built up after this class. I would say that have grown in my ability to my make and publish my own content on the web. I have a better understand of how to infusion technology into the curriculum through a variety of tools. I felt that workload was project heavy, but yet practical materials for the classroom. I felt that the projects lead me to think about incorporating technology in all of the curriculum areas.

My course work has met the ACET standards. Standard 1(Instructional Design) covered almost every substandard. I have designed instructional materials with goals, assessments, evaluations, and strategies. The material shows conscious thought about the intended audiences, and design message. Standard 2 (Development), standard 3 (Utilization), and standard 4 (Management) is covered because of development of material from the activities and the requirement that the activities be pulled together for a thematic unit. Standard 5 is covered mostly by reflections and blogging entry required for the class.

I had to push myself to think in creative ways on how to develop a cross-curriculum thematic unit. I have often done cross-curriculum units, but nothing that incorporated almost every discipline represented in my school district. I have changed way of thinking about how to develop and deliver content to my students using the Internet and web 2.0 tools. I have only scratched the surface of using web 2.0 tools in my classrooms. I have to temper myself in using of them. Normally I would want force a tool into a lesson or project, just because it is cool. Now I understand that the educational goal is more important than using the newest cool tech tool. I have also realized that I can spend days searching for new web 2.0 sites, software, etc. I would be better served to focus on the blogs, wikis, and websites that have done all the groundwork. It can be overwhelming the choice a person has in educational technology, and thought should be given to how appropriate is for the educational goal that is trying to be achieved.

I feel that I have been pushed to think about educational technology in all the curriculum areas, and not just my own special interest. It has been a struggle at times to wrestle with subject areas that I’m not an expert in, but the struggle only helps you to better understand what a teacher or person that is technology illiterate might go through when I’m trying to teach them how use educational technology. Struggling is not as was a bad thing if you learn from it, and I have.

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