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EDTech 505 Entry# 3

I have learned the parts of an evaluation proposal.  I’m not sure that I correctly handled the evaluations methods section in the proposal.  I struggled to put into words the goals and methods.  I understand that the evaluation request had to be generic, but for me that made it hard to gasps real situations that I could design an evaluation around.  I also found myself wanting to solve a problem I saw with the DIP program.  Why not make it digital and save the print cost.  I then remember the lecture by Professor Perkins on problem analysis, and realized I was trying to solve a problem that I was not asked to solve and may not need to be solved.  I can see where it would be hard for an evaluator to not just jump in and say this is obvious, you should just do this.

I read through Posavac & Carey to try to get a better understanding of how to write a proposal, and found it to be helpful in understanding evaluation.  It was the same basic information as Boulmrtis & Dutwin, but is a slightly different point of view.  Posavac & Carey will be helpful to me as I start researching for my final project.

I’m looking forward to writing my rubrics for measuring success for my iPad program, and at the same time worried about time management of such a large project during a busy time of year.  It will be nice to have something I can use right away from this class this fall at school.


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